Thursday, April 16, 2009

On-fire Gunners shoot down Villarreal

Having taken the initiative in the tie with last week's 1-1 draw in Spain, well-worked goals early in each half from Theo Walcott and Emmanuel Adebayor put the home team in complete command, Robin van Persie adding a third from the penalty spot.
Arsène Wenger comments;-
I said before we would play to win and the team we had out was an offensive one. We attacked well against a team who keep the ball but we used the ball well when we had it and did well with our pressing. I was impressed with the quality and speed of our game overall and we gave a technically very good Villarreal team problems where they didn't like it – going in behind them and counterattacking well.
We have confidence at the moment and that is down to the slow progress, from game to game, in the championship. Confidence transfers from one competition to another, you can't pick your matches. I never doubted these players but when you don't win games you want better. I was always convinced but I was more worried, not about the quality of the players but more the confidence and belief of a very young side. It's always difficult when you don’t win games and I was worried with the mental side at the start of the season. But this group has shown they are mentally strong.
Games between Manchester United and Arsenal are always very exciting, both teams like to go forward. It's a test but it is a challenge we will relish and we're excited about that. [Playing another English team] is difficult because of the quality of the teams but psychologically it is not difficult; if you want to go far in the Champions League you have to play another English team.
I'd like to first enjoy the qualification; history always has a part to play but it's a cup competition now, over 180 minutes and the form on the day and how much we can manage to be physically well on the day will determine how we do. We're still super-outsiders.
I've invited Minjuk to watch the MU vs Arsenal match live at any mamak stall [which has large screen display]. The winner pays. Until now no reply from Minjuk.

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