Saturday, December 20, 2008

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Date : 21 Dec 2008
Time : 11.55pm

As I was reading my NST today, the EPL plus segment caught my eyes. A drawing that shows two cowboys (facing each other) with guns drawn is cleverly drawn. The first cowboy is wearing a Liverpool jacket while the second cowboy is wearing a denim with Arsenal logo clearly shown on the chest. At the bottom of the drawing, a pair of "killed" cowboys' boots with Chelsea and Man U logos are also shown. (Both teams were beaten by Arsenal!!).
I shall be very happy if by next Monday an additional pair of boots with Liverpool logos are shown ..............

As I mentioned in my earlier posting, I don't mind if Arsenal did't win the EPL as long as they are not beaten by the three big clubs ( Chelsea, ManU & Liverpool).
Go Arsenal go!

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Sukimin said...

aikks...macam sour grapes aje. Apa2 ini adalah salah satu cara utk release stress. Hehe..