Sunday, January 11, 2009

Arsenal Nyaris Gagal Lagi

Wan Tek (adik Anum) dan suaminya, Rosni sedang bersiap untuk bertolak ke Genting.

Malam tadi aku gagahkan juga tonton perlawanan Arsenal dgn Bolton sambil tunggu family adik ipar yang nak datang dari JB untuk melancong ke GHighland. Pukul 10pm baru mereka bertolak dari JB! Mereka nak tumpang tidur sebab pagi esok akan terus naik ke Genting.
Anum dah siapkan bantal , alas tidur dan selimut untuk dia orang tapi aku tolong guna dulu sambil terus kecewa sebab Arsenal masih gagal jaringkan gol. Untuk makluman semua, aku juga turut gagal. Oleh kerana terlalu selesa (menonton sambil berbaring) aku gagal "berjaga". Sedar-sedar perlawanan dah tamat dan lihat ulasan Arsenal menang 1-0.

Petikan dari internet:-
The pressure is mounting for Arsene Wenger because he knows any more dropped points and the Premier League crown will slip away for another year.
Wenger knew what the match was going to be like though, saying: "It was a difficult game and one I expected with Bolton playing with two very deep lines.
"Maybe our passing was not at its best, but when you are playing against a team with only one focus, which is to defend, it is hard.
""In the end we had to play the good old fashioned 4-2-4 formation to get the job done. It was a good goal by Nicklas and I'm pleased for him. He's suffered from an ankle injury, but looks back to full fitness which is only good for us. It can be hard in this cold weather to come off the bench and make an impact.
"The win is important because we are swimming up stream as it is and cannot really afford to drop points.
We've won 1-0 three times now so we can build on that."
And Wenger needs to get things going as soon as possible with a kind run of games to stay in touch with the leaders and more importantly Aston Villa.
Villa had won earlier in the day which meant the three points were vital to keep the battle for a top-four finish in sight, let alone any chance of finishing on top.

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