Wednesday, January 16, 2013

@ Lanjut

My first visit to Lanjut Beach & Country Resort, Pahang

Many tourists from Japan & Korea were there for golf.

 They have a nice clean beach.

Tried my luck in "prawning". If fishing is the way to catch fish, so if want to catch prawns, can the activity called prawning?

Us. Ali Imran also tried his luck.

En. Azhar's son tried his best, unfortunately after a few hours, he also failed. 

Standing beside a poster of Jamal Abdillah and Jay Jay who will perform at Lanjut Beach & Country Resort on 24th. Dec 2012.

We stopped by this mosque for our Zohor & Asar prayers. There are Javanese decendents in NSembilan.

The song "Apo Nak Dikato", sung by Ito [if I'm not mistaken] mentioned "Sawah Lebar kerbau banyak". Before this I thought the lyric means "the paddy field is wide". Now I know the is actually a palace called Sawah Lebar in NSembilan.

There is an opening with LEKAS. Don't waste time, HURRY apply for the post. 

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