Monday, January 25, 2010

Apa nak jadi?

Kalau berterusan macam ni, profesion keguruan akan erus tercemar....

Teachers sue school heads


ALOR STAR: A teacher couple is suing two headmasters and a state Education Department officer for RM1.5 million for allegedly victimising them, resulting in them suffering mental distress.
Mohd Afandi Abdul Hamid, 39, and his wife, Roziaini Mohd Rozi, 38, named Munajat Tamrin, Noriah Murad and Abdul Aziz Hanifa as the first, second and third defendants, respectively.
In the suit filed at the Alor Star High Court yesterday, the couple claimed that the three had conspired to cause them mental torture and abuse.
Afandi now teaches at SK Seri Perdana after being transferred from SK Iskandar here, while Roziaini teaches at SK Tunku Raudzah.
According to the writ of summons, the couple claimed that Munajat, who was responsible for the transfer of teachers in Kedah, had prevented their transfer.
But with the help of the then state government, Roziaini was able to get a transfer to SK Alor Setar.

This resulted in Munajat feeling challenged, they claimed.
While at the new school, Roziaini claimed that Munajat and Noriah, who was the principal, conspired against her, resulting in her not getting a salary increment.
Afandi claimed that Munajat conspired with Aziz, the headmaster of SK Iskandar, to continue with the "attack" on him and his wife.
He claimed that he was asked to teach subjects he was not trained in, prevented from training the school rugby team and was not given a salary increment for 11/2 years.
The couple is claiming RM500,000 in damages from Munajat and Noriah, RM500,000 in exemplary damages from Munajat and Aziz, RM500,000 in exemplary damages from Munajat, a public apology as well as other costs and relief deemed fit by the court. -- Bernama

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