Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Waktu rehat makan tadi aku pusing keliling kampus sambil baca notis dan rencana yang ditampal di papan kenyataan. Antara artikel yang menarik adalah beberapa teka-teki di papan kenyataan berhampiran kafeteria.

A father drives his only son to school. Unfortunately they had an accident. The father died on the spot while the son was badly hurt. In the operating theater, the surgeon suddenly said, "I can't operate on him. He's my son"
Who is the surgeon?

For any crime done, [if you're caught red handed] you will get punished. But for this one special crime, you will be punish if you fail in your attempt, but you will be freed if done perfectly.
What is the crime?

Are you game?

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